Jul. 4th, 2008

Im going to Tokyo tomorrow. I should, perhaps, be a little more prepared than I am.

So far, I have booked my plane ticket, and hotel.

...and thats it.

No plans on what I'm going to do in Tokyo, or even which neighborhoods Im going to go check out/hang out in. No idea where the airport is in relation to everything else. No idea how much money Im brining or even how Im getting back to Kobe on Monday night .

meh....I have till tonight to figure everything out? (if I do it)

Yeah so for the uninformed, or the informed who want the details:

I am heading up to Tokyo this weekend to hang out with Leo, a guy I met in Bali the day after my pookie left me (ABANDONMENT!!!). Its not that kind of thing at all, but he's a cool guy to hang out with. We went surfing and to a monkey sanctuary in Bali.

He's coming to Japanland on buisness and Ive never really been to Tokyo, so its a win/ win situation. If...either of us plan anything. So far its "Go to Tokyo. Hang out. Possibly drink a lot."

Today it is 82 degrees with 92% humidity. BUT I GET AIR CON AT WORK SUCKERS!!!!

I am one lucky lady! Also, if my classes are cancelled today (which I don't know yet if they are or not) Im going swimming in the school pool. The kids have lessons, but Im pretty sure I can swing it sometime today. :D

ps: HAPPY INDEPEDENCE DAY EVERYONE!!!! blow up some fireworks for me :DD

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