So, With all the crap going on over at LJ, I've finally bit the bullet and am migrating my journals over here. Hopefully I'll figure out how to do that......
Meghan should I. lets keep this thing active!
Long time no post. As usual. Atm tipsy from left
Over capitan and coke.

My life now revolves around my job and my social life is nonexistent. I really need friends who have single friends I. Order to jump start my game, or else I'm looking at starting an online dating profile or something. Ugh.
Updating or at least attempting to from my iPhone. I sorta smashes me laptop accidentally :/

Big thing that I need to say, but can't on Facebook ( primarily because its something I want to say, but don't want too many people asking about it) is that, after fourteen years, tonight I pulled a sliver of glass from my forehead. I'm really emotional about it and cried for a good half hour after and still am getting teary over it.

Background: when I was in high school my sister and I were in a terrible car accident. Our tire blew while going up an elevated S-curve and my sister lost control of the car. Luckily, and really!, she missed a telephone pole and tree and we went into a ditch. If we had hit the tree or pole, one of both of us would have died. Instead, the ditch crumpled the front half of the car evenly- she hit the steering wheel and was able to flag down some help. She was hospitalized for nearly a month because the impact collapses her left lung. I was in the passenger seat and my seatbelt did not catch - I hit the windshield. I had such a bad concussion that to this day I can't remember much of the beginning of sophomore year and none of the week before the accident and the immediate aftermath. I have vague images that I don't know if they are memories, or I made them up based on what people told me.

Because my sister was in serious shape, she was rushed to the ER- I don't really know what happened with me. But I came to, at home, several hours later. My mother was still at the hospital with my sister and my dad was taking care of me. At the hospital they pronounced I had a concussion and put an icepack on my face. I did not have any field cleaning- at all. I spent the next two weeks going daily to my family doctor and having her pull out dirt, glass and tissue. I spent the next two years going to specialists about nerve damage I had and trying to minimize my scars (one told me to get bangs) I spent time myself, painstakingly pulling out slivers o glass. The last piece I remember pulling was in 2002 or 2003.

Tonight I pulled a 2.5mm shard from above my brow. I know there is glass in there, I've felt it and sometimes if I wash my face/run too hard ill bruise- but this was a vindication, an emotional coaster or relief. I visited a doctor last October about glass near my eye and she told me there wasn't anything that could be done, and she doubted it would give me trouble. 2.5mm may not seem very big- but this is MY FACE. And it was there for fourteen years.

Sigh- I really needed to express this: moral of the story - wear your seatbelt (without mine I would have gone through the windshield) and don't listen to those who won't listen to you.
Okay- So I friended people from my graduate class on facebook and feel that I can no longer complain on there about it. :/

I'm in a graduate program to receive my MA in Humanities (sometime in the future) and have been pulling one class a semester since last summer. I love my professor this semester as he is quite intelligent and his lectures are interesting. My dilemma is- I have been so out of it this semester that I have completely dropped the ball on this course. I do my readings, I participate, but when it comes to the papers, I fail. Every time. I usually have a system when it comes to academic writing. It involves, choosing a topic, making up a thesis and them making an outline that I plan to follow. This time around, each assignment has either been too vague to do parts 1&2 or I've been so distracted that I haven't completed parts 1&2.

The culmination of this class is a 15-25 page histography on a topic of our choice. I chose Japan, since I've written about it before and its a subject I'm well passionate about. And then life happened. Life happened so much that I got so far behind in the course that I completely lost my motivation and vision for the paper.

As it stands- I've written something. It's...not good. I hate it. If it were turned into me, I'd mark it all up and write comments like "repetitive" "clarification" "details" and I know it's bad. I know that it's not what the teacher was asking for. I've spent all of my free time working on it, and am frustrated that this is what I came up with. I probably put more hours into this paper than I have for my past two classes combined. And I'm upset that I'm turning in sub-par work. I'm upset that my teacher is going to read this- because it is awful.

I seriously contemplated dropping the course last week. Met with my teacher and everything. Came out of the meeting feeling more motivated than before and thinking that I could master the subject matter. Alas- three more days of staying at the library until close only resulted in more jumbled notes and statements that had nothing to do with what I was trying to say.

I even tape-recorded myself talking about the subject, since I know that I know the subject, and am just having difficulty putting it onto the paper. (turns out that I talk WAY too fast to keep up with myself :/

Anyway- I wanted to complain about my lack of focus and the knowledge that I've probably bombed my first class ever (well..since Geometry in HS). I would be so so happy if I got a C on this paper. Though I know that will do nothing to alleviate how upset I am with myself that I will be turning it in. ugh.
Have you ever gone back to read what you wrote when you started your LiveJournal? I have. It is not a pretty sight. Not at all. Chock full of grammar, spelling, and thought errors, that make it sound like you were beaten by the idiot stick a little too hard.


Jamie, if you are reading this- don't look back. It's an awful place!
Look at me posting from San Fransisco Intl. Airport!

I am currently en route to visit my sister, the elder and be there for her when she finally drops my neice. The baby was due on the 13th...and no dice. So, I feel my trip is perfectly planned. She'll go into labor when my flight arrvies and I will be stuck running around Korea trying to find my sisters house. It's just how luck goes.

Though if the baby doesn't show up by then, I will be there for the birth. Not toooo excited about that...I just want to see the baby!! But I'll be in KOrea untli after Thankswgiving, so I demand that the birth happen before i fly out!

oh the adventures I go through!

So busy!

Oct. 17th, 2012 08:17 pm's been forever. I got promoted at work and now take care of incoming international students as well as the study abroad kids. Annnnd I'm still not full time. It's been interesting. iLife the extra part of my job because I'm finally working with other people... But that portion of the job is CRAAAAZY!

On another note- I'm going to Korea in November to visit my sister. She's having a baby! Yes the Emory's are breeding. So excited to welcome the next generation!
So I figure I need to update at least once every six months or something....


I still have no internet in my apartment. It was a cost-wise decision. I have no internet and no smart phone and I am saving myself so much money! Granted- i'm usually out of the loop and need to go to campus more often to check emails and get information. win some and lose some!

I'll be heading across the pond in a few weeks for a wedding, and staying an extra five days for work :D work paid part of my ticket and for the cost of the 5 days, and I paid the rest, but Ill be in London from April 5- 15 :D so I am super happy!

My job is STILL part time, and it sucks. I was amazed when I did my taxes how little I actually make :/ but at the same time... i didn't have to pay a lot! (bright side! Look on the bright side!)

And that about sums up my life! look forward to another update in six months!


Oct. 24th, 2011 09:49 pm

so. Its been awhile. Quick update:

I now live on my own

I have a job that I love, but that I also work toooooo much for (I'm supposed to be part time- doesn't work)

I do NOT have internet!!!

ahh yes. That last point. i have no internet. Having to live on my own, and pay my own bills on a part time salary = cutting measures

such as internet and heat (both of which I get for free across the street at the 24 hour student union) So far so good, but if anyone needs to get a hold of me texting/calling is the best option.

I would have more to update about and maybe soon I will... ahhhh
Welcome 2011!! GTFO 2010!

2010 was a crap year for me. Things did not go as planned, and I have a huge list of complaints that I could cry about (and pretty much did this past week). but in the end, everything is in my own power to change/fix, and I will be using 2011 as a spring board to do so.

I spent last night, New Years Eve, at my parent house. Fortunately, my sister had a party so it wasn't as pitiful as it could have been. I was the "hip big sister" who brought booze and interesting stories to the party. I spoke with several of my sister friends, who have come to the house before, but who I usually avoid. I played pool with Jared, who is in the running of becoming the Emory's favorite not-child.

Today was spent is a semi-hungover state. I did work, I watched college ball, and the winter classic, and ate so so so many cookies. Good times.

Tomorrow is my Birthday (ahem hem....) and as of yet; no plans. I will be scheming something though! 26....its huge. I'm officially "Christmas Cake" and will be celebrating my 5 year college reunion. crazy crazy.

Anyway: update check.
Today, Twelve years ago, my sister was born on my brothers birthday. She's 12, he's now 23.
The super scary thing about them both is that, though they are 11 years apart in age, they act JUST LIKE TWINS. Kinda frightening.

And they look alike too. Creeeeepy.

Anyway. Zoe had her party on Friday night. We had 7 screaming (literally) 12 year olds running around the house. She had a blast. Though the party was ruined for me long before it started. While I was away at tutoring (my second to last class), my mother was moving gifts around and dropped one. Of course it was mine, and of course it shattered (she didn't know it then). When we, several hours later, sat down for Cake and Ice Cream we noticed that the gifts were wet. It was then that I realized my gift had broke. I had bought Zoe a Snow Globe from Minnesota, since she collects them and it was all she really wanted for her birthday. They didn't have time to get one when they were up there, so I picked up a super neat one on my way out. It had been wrapped pretty well. There were layers! Upon Layers! but it still shattered when Mom dropped it and leaked all over the other gifts and ruined my day because I was super excited that I got it for her.

We didn't tell her about it until after all her friends left, and I was correct: she was a bit crushed. Dad tried to 'fix' it all day yesterday, but really: When you smash a snow globe- not much is going to fix it.

Anyway. Apart from that (I ended up running to Walmart and getting her some cheap earrings instead). This weekend was fun.

Will came up yesterday for his birthday celebration. (we try to do them on separate days since they hated when we combined it) Dad made the best fried chicken EVER. and Will got some hilarious gifts (including a personal Trampoline!).

I stayed up to watch Walking Dead on AMC, which, if you have not seen, I don't KNOW you! It's amazing, and I made my mother watch, who is also now addicted to it :) Yay Zombie TV!

I start work on Wednesday, off on Thursday, back on Friday. It'll be interesting. There is SO MUCH to do, and I'm only working there for 3 months. Gotta get it all done. But ....I'm also really excited to be working again, and in the zone where many people will be looking for full time jobs and encouraging each other and giving info and such. I kinda miss that atmosphere. Plus, Leighann is letting me stay at her place this week since she's house sitting elsewhere, so No commute! Yay! (though I will still need to find someplace to ditch my car for a few days!)

Devin had a friend who was looking for a roommate, but I think it's more long term and would hate to move in for 3 months and then move out in february. So I turned it down (kinda of- he's still asking if Im interested) I might see if I can meet the potential roommate and see whats the deal. It kinda sounds toooo good to be true, so I'm skeptical.

Anyway: that's my life. Super boring. and Super broke!


Catch up!!

Oct. 21st, 2010 12:58 pm
I've been MIA for a while, because I've literally been MIA!

Firstly: for all of October I am wearing a new and interesting outfit for each day and posting picture on my facebook. Sad thing is, sometimes I forget to take my picture :( to penalize myself, I will wear something a bit over the top out in public..with much photo evidence.

On October 2nd, my good friend Mark got married. Mark and I went to Kindergarten together, and his mother taught me Math in 1st grade. He is, the first of all our friends (in our small small group) to get married, and I am really happy for him. The ceremony was great. My only problem with it was: when you are planning the reception, and you do the seating chart: PUT SINGLE PEOPLE AT THE SAME TABLE!

I was at a table full of recently married couples. And not at the same table as my other friends. It was a wee bit awkward. In the way that sitting in silence with the occasional "wow, this is nice" comment.

The very next week My fam and I flew out to Minnesota for my cousins wedding. My cousin is a former NFL player (Vikings, Ravens, Browns) and now works in the medical supply industry. His wife is a nurse, and really...if you looked up a photo for "perfect mid-western couple" it would be them. The wedding was super cute. They're both very Christian, so every other word in the sermon was about Jesus...but at the end of the ceremony, Ryan grabbed a guitar and TOTALLY did the Beatles, "all you need is Love" bit from Love Actually. His wife was so surprised, and they did in fact have trumpeteers in the pews. Very romantic!

The reception was great because you could sit where ever you wanted, and I ended up with the cousins who are closer to my age and that have similar interests. Again this was a wedding with NO SINGLE people (they didn't do the bouquet toss because there were only 2 single women in the age bracket...I was one of them)

I stayed up in Minnesota for an extra week with Sam and Sean, who are amazing. We went all over St. Paul and I was able to apply to about 6 different jobs :)

I really really want to move up there. Like, really want it. I need to move, I'm sick of this area. and my family is really getting on my nerves. And I like MN, and have a bunch of friends up there. So...job hunt!

I got back late Monday night, to of which, my brother picked me up and then promptly got lost on the way home. Sad face.

Yesterday, Wednesday, I had a Doctors appointment that I have been putting off for over a year. I've been having hearing troubles since the spring of my last year in Japan and I finally went to see a hearing specialist here. Good news kids: I'm going deaf!

oh wait...that's not good news :(

And also..way too melodramatic! I'm not going deaf.. yet. I've been diagnosed with Otosclerosis ( ) I've got bad hearing in one ear, but its not bad enough for surgery or hearing aids, yet. I might wait till I'm 30 or something.

Also, I'm looking for work in MN, and I get an email from my old boss at the Embassy. She wants me back. with a higher position. But....augh. I don't want to live/work in DC!!

then again, it is work, and it is money, and it is temporary. I'm still thinking about it. I might email her with a huge list of questions like "how much money" and "how may hours a week". If it is the same deal as last time (10$, 35 hours a week) I'm going to have to decline. I can make more up here with NO commute. ...but then again, I really really liked working in the office and everything. AUGH!

and that is my life. so far.
I have completed several different copies of my resume now, and cover letters are currently the bane of my existence.

I've begun a new project, where each day in the month of October I will be dressing up in something different. Maybe a costume, maybe something nice, maybe as Godzilla. We'll see. I'm taking pictures and posting them on my Facebook page. Go forth and look, if you wish!

I dropped a metal hanger today while getting dressed and it snagged on my bra- stabbing me in the boob. I am NOT amused. ow!

I will be going up to Minnesota for 13 days beginning next week. My goal is to look for work, apply and maybe do interviews (oh please oh please). My secondary goal is to see my family and all the awesome friends I have up north :D

The weather is gorgeous today! Wish I could have spent more time outside. Alas.

Im going to watch Iron Man 2 tonight! yay!

make posts about:

-life in general
-friends leaving the country
-annoying people
-going to MN
-looking for work


Aug. 9th, 2010 11:04 pm
Sending this out there to those who date a lot, or who have dated a lot:

Advice please!

So I went on a date on Sunday with this guy I met at a bar last week. TOTALLY not my type. I did not have a good time and really afterward I was pretty depressed because it was a total FAIL of a date.

The problem is, that I probably did not broadcast my unhappiness. The guy was all about "im going to call you." "lets get together next weekend" crap like that.

And... my number one problem: I don't want to be a bitch.

well...a total bitch : this guy is a bartender who knows EVERYONE in D.C. ..and I mean EVERYONE.

What is the best way to phrase: Oh, hellz no.
and What is the best means of doing so: email? text? phone? face to face?

It's kinda hilarious that I'm 25, and have never really entered the dating scene until now...and now i'm all "shit! what do i do??"

any and all advice welcome :D

thanks guys!
My phone interview did NOT go well.
And I say this in the 'not well at ALL' meaning, and not the 'well..maybe, but i think it didn't"

She asked me questions regarding my resume...and made me realize that there were errors that I couldn't explain on it.

She asked me to describe office settings, which I have worked in multiple times, but whatever I said she answered with a "i still don't understand, explain it more clearly"

:( and of course, the mega-killer: we had two noticeable moments of awkward silence.

I'm really really bummed, because this was a job starting immediately, in D.C., and it carried benefits.

super sad face!

She said they'll call me next week with the verdict...but eh. I already know
So...every time I go to a bar, I either come out way drunk. Or with the bartenders #....

W T F?!

I went to a JET networking event yesterday and ended up talking with some guys at the end of the bar. Nice people, good conversation, pretty ordinary really. But then when I cashed out the bartender said that he was bummed he wasn't able to chat me up...and gave me his number!

I might actually call him. It would be an adventure!

On to other news:

i have a phone interview tomorrow for a job in DC. Im so excited that I can't sit still...Im right now looking up the place and trying to become at least a wee bit knowledgeable. I would really really like to have a job. Any job...but this one is pretty sweet.

Downside: The kid Im tutoring....really needs a tutor. :/ Going to wait and see about the phone interview: if it goes very well, then I might have to begin looking for a replacement to tutor the kids. If it doesn't..then no worries (except that I won't have a full time job still :(

ack! so much to do!
Need a job, and less of a life!

I haven't been job searching in well over a month now, and I'm finally at the point where it is imperative to be employed. My savings are dwindling and i'm beginning to become easily annoyed at my 'rent house.

The only problem is that I have had obligation after obligation and it's crazy!

The past week Brenda and Dave (from JET) came down on their roadtrip to visit. We went to Gettysburg, watched the movie Gettysburg, drank local beer and played "Just Dance!" for over 3 hours. Then they were off to DC the day I went to my family reunion.

Our family reunion happens ever 5 years, because it is EPIC, and huge, and there is always some sort of DRAMA. This year about 250 people came. A lot less than last time, but it also rained the whole weekend. Some people only showed up for the picture and others only for one day. Suck.

On the bright side I got to see some cousins that I never really liked, but who I now get along with! Oh, maturity! Where were you when I was a teenager?

Also! Update on that guy, he called me again. AGAIN! I had my ringer off, but he left voicemail. This one was almost as good as the last one. This message was all "I really think we need to work this out, so we can be friends. And hang out one on one again. But I'm totally way too busy, so call me. But not this week. Next week...maybe. I'm a busy person. But we need to work this out. bye"

Bwhahaha. Yeah, I'm never going to call. Let's be honest. I'm very very very very bad at phone communication. Even with people I love and want to talk to. I never call them! I'm always worried that i'm interrupting them. Now, this guy wants me to call him to "fix" our friendship? Nope. I'm still a bitch and still angry, and really...I don't think we're friends anymore.

Other randomness: Got back from the family reunion on monday was was WIPED OUT. totally. Didn't sleep much because of the rain (our tent leaked) and because it is my family, they had a beer truck- with taps on the side- and kegs inside. And since less people were there, my cousins and I had to do our familiar duty!

Tuesday, realized that Brenda had forgotten some stuff at my place and gave her a call. Drove down and was invited to breakfast the next day. Breakfast with Senator Al Franken from Minnesota. HOW HILARIOUS IS THIS?!?

We had brekkie with him, and took pictures and then his office gave us a free tour of the Capital AND tickets into the Senate and House to watch the proceedings. HOW COOL?!?

Had a blast with Brenda and Dave! Would totally do it again.

Tomorrow I have to have 'tea' with a Russian woman from town, then drive down to Jackie's for more camping. WTF my life?
Now, I get easily annoyed. Fact. I tend to deal with it, and usually know when the annoyance is unreasonable. This time.....meh.. not too sure.

So like 2 weeks ago I got a friend request from facebook from an old friend from High school. Now, this person I've known since grade school, was kinda-friends in high school (meaning we didn't hang out at all outside of school, and ate lunch sometimes) and I completely lost contact after graduation.

In Pittsburgh we ran into each other randomly and hung out maybe a total of 5 times in the year I had left (my senior year). then again the no contact (good thing? bad? dunno)

So he emails me and says he's joining the air force and wants to use me as a reference. You know what? Way to go. Awesome. This guy is a total slacker and has no idea what the real world is like. The military can help him. Sure, says I.

Then he wants to hang out. Ehh.... Fun to catch up and all, but in my unemployment I am too busy for that. No really. Then he texts me and calls me and if I don't answer within 24 hours I get a "why the radio silence?" message.

Seriously? I don't check my cell every hour. In fact: while I'm at home I never use it.

I'm a bad friend, I don't call people, I email sometimes, and that's cool. My friends understand. They're busy, I'm not (really) and we contact each other whenever. I don't like the clingy "talk to me now now now" bullshit.

So now I don't know if i'm being unreasonable. Living at home has made me somewhat anti-social. No one lives that close, and if they did- there is nothing to do in gettysburg. Here I have an old friend wanting to reconnect and hang out- and i'm balking like crazy. Partly because even though I have no job, I'm still busy for my 'rents. and partly because I feel like i have nothing in common with this person anymore. I have traveled a lot, and he's never been on an airplane. I take responsibility for my lack of employment and he whines about everything that is going wrong with his life. I want to yell at him "Grow up! be a man!" but that would be sexist and ultimately useless. argh.

sorry, just really needed to complain.
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