Feb. 15th, 2010

Well now! it's been quite a while hasn't it?

I am still at the Embassy doing temp stuff and still looking for a full time job/ permanent place to set up house.

The epic snowstorm saw me stranded at my parents house which was nice: all the food, tv, games, entertainment, and fires I could want! We played Whist almost every night, ate like kings and watched a metric fuck-ton of movies/tv. GOOD TIMES

oh and also had to dig the house out of the snow, clean off the roof, and save ourselves from a gas leak....yeah.

I'm back down in MontGom and was supposed to work today (Prez day!) but my boss called me off this morning with a "no work! yay!" email. Sigh...I was already awake. Luckily I went back to sleep...for like 3 hours. score

I cleaned a bit around Jackies. She never lets me clean when she's here. :( But aha! I win!

Im also making dinner. Goulash bitches!

This week is crunch week at work, and I'm really excited about it. I can't wait to go in tomorrow. Love this job...though its temporary. I'm hoping against all hope that I'll be considered for the full time position

I'm also hoping to find that "special someone" I am my ONLY single friend in the area. Everyone else is all loveydovey. I did have Date night with Caitrin on Saturday and that was epic fun. we saw the movie Valentine's Day and I will say that I loved it and thought it super cute and yes, I did laugh and cry and was suprised. :p and this from someone who HATES romcoms!

Then we went out to the bar and saw a blue grass band. date night success!

On Vday itself I went shopping and bought shoes, and ate a GIANT bacon sandwich and then watched some Venture Brothers and Wet Hot American Summer. Vday gets an A plus!

And now i have an hour to go and be putzy before I need to shop for dinner. SIGH.

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