Jan. 3rd, 2010


Jan. 3rd, 2010 01:50 pm
I am now a quarter of a century old.
Its so bizzare, because I always think that Im young. Probably left over from being the youngest all the time (in school, activities, etc.) and now...I'm 25. Its really really weird.

My mom had a baby and one on the way when she was 25.
My dad hitchhiked to California and back when he was 25.

Looking at that...I've done a hella lot too. I lived in Japan for 3 years. I've traveled extensively. I took the Trans-siberian across Russia...by myself.

But at the same time. I'm 25, working as a Temp (with the Job ending in January), living with my roommate from college and her boyfriend...and trying to get by.

My birthday was AWESOME though. I was pretty hungover all day on the first, but Jackie and Matt and I went out and saw Sherlock Holmes (which was awesome). Then we came back and played scrabble and watched Ratatouille.

I slept in will 10:30 on my birthday and then went to H&M with Jackie. Everything was on sale! I got a lovely lavender dress for 20 and a work skirt for 15.

Got back just in time for Sarah, my sister to arrive. We got all jazzed up and headed into the city. It was so cold and windy that we ate right across from the 930 club at Duffy's Pub. mmmm Irish food! Caitrin stopped by later and then around 8 we went into the club.

My present from Jackie and Matt was tickets to go see Gogol Bordello!!!!

The opening act, the Extraordinaires were pretty awesome but had nothing compared to Gogol. The energy was amazing!! I couldn't even stay in the pit all that long because it was that intense!

A very memorable birthday!

I'm going up to the Fam's next weekend for birthday celebrations up there. Im really excited :)

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