Nov. 13th, 2008

Only, it is not summer, and the weather is awesome! the high today is 65 and the low is 55, and the sun is shinning and the leaves are turning, and I am in a wonderful mood! (even though I am procrastinating something important )

Yesterday I missed out on an important All Japan Human Rights conference being held at my school (oh darn!) and instead got to hang at nushima and then go to the afterparty from the conference (score!) I love being rewarded for doing nothing!

We went to Yakinikku, which is delicious, BUT only if you don't eat an entire cow. My teachers kept ordering more, even though everyone said that they were full and stopped eating. THERE WAS SO MUCH BEEF. I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE.

I got home at 11:30. =_= soooo sleepy!

Then today I woke to sunshine and ice cream for breakfast (yes it is a good idea!)

Plus today its not like "real" classes, since all we're doing is playing games. I love days like today.

Speaking of which, my teacher is in charge of writing the questions for the warm up excersize, and this is today's question:

" I have white this. Martin Luther King Jr. had black this. You have yellow this. What is this?"

Answer: skin.

I die everytime I have to read it. Its hilarious, and then he goes on to explain the term "Yellow Monkey"

I stand there and try not to laugh at all the un-PC-ness of Japan. Because Japan is TOTALLY NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT AT ALL.

Im in the mood that I can either go to Judo and have a good time or not go to Judo and run errands and have a good time. I can't decide which to do yet. I'm going to wait to see what Dayna says.

PLUS this weekend: Rock concert. How happy am I? VERY.

......and I might be making Pie or brownies sometime soon. My teachers have been slightly awesome recently (more so than a month ago) and I feel that rewarding might encourage such behavior.

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