Nov. 7th, 2008

Yay for doctors offices........?

I went. I waited. I gave my symptoms. I was told I have a cold. Hahahah- KNEW IT!

I then went home and was in bed watching movies by 6pm, and sleeping by 8:30. Slept through till 7am, and still didn't want to get out of bed >_>

Yes I am very lazy. My dinner constituted of caramel ice cream.

I have so much that needs to be done for this weekend, including: grocery shopping. Laundry. Taking out the trash. Studying Japanese. And getting over my cold.

It seems so simple when I list it like so! And yet....I am betting that I will not acomplish the entire list this weekend. Tru fax.

Tomorrow Zoe is turning 10. I AM AN OLD OLD LADY!!
I feel like inundating you with pointless blabber. Mostly because I am at work, I have no class, and I am procrastinating studying Japanese. And I am listening to Meatloaf. You gotta love the Loaf.

This afternoon I have to do laundry, mail Will and Zoes box and clean up and then I think D and I are meeting up for some studying. The test is EXACTLY one month away.....eek! SO totally not ready for it! I just want to pass! Please please please!

For my November 1st suprise...umm I failed. Mostly because i was taking care of el drunko and forgot about it till that afternoon but.....Gackt is going on tour and tickets were on sale starting the 1st. Sold out. :( More tix are going on sale 1/11, but those are all for Hokkaido. Ill try to get them....but thats DAMN expensive to go up there to see him. Le sigh. Ive now missed Direngrey and Gackt. I need to get back on the concert scene. People!! Let me know when bands are going to tour! I can buy tickets then! Let me know!!!

Ive figured out Christmas...but am holding on to my decision until after this weekend (gotta tell the fam and stuff)

Omg...i can breathe without pain. This is so awesome! Still have some sinus pain, but...breathing!

btw: I updated my amazon wish list. I encourage people to do the same (MEGHAN).

Also: funny thing. I got my IRS rebate check. In Japan. Hilarious. Though Im going to be using it all for x-mas presents. Thats what we're supposed to do right? Stimulate the economy? Concider it Stimulated!

I played Jepordy with my kids today: one of the questions was "what is my favorite colour?" The kids thought it wasn't fair. I thought it was hilarious.
They got it.........eventually.

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE fall??? If I wasn't sick... id be out hiking or something.

okay...enough random time. See ya'll

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