Nov. 6th, 2008

Didn't geto to go to the doctors yesterday. The office is closed on Wednesday afternoons. BUT it is open today, so Im heading over as soon as I cna get away from school (3:40ish) Felt like crap allday, even after going to bed at 9 and waking up at 7. Sleep I ve got covered, its the sinus infection that I need help with! (thats what im fairly sure I have)

The sad point is that I am almost 90% sure that the doctor is going to say "you caught a cold! here are some pills" and those will the the same pills that did nothing for me last year when I was sick for 3 months. Thats disappointing, but the J-medical system is Whack! Seriously? You maybe see the doctor for all the 20 seconds. You give your list of symptoms to the nurse in the waiting room, surronded by all the other sick people, then they pull you into the Doc's office (which ironically enough is through a slidding door) and he says " You have a cold. here is your prescription. goodbye" Without ever checking anything.

D: but at least I will have antibiotics? weak ones are better than nothing yes? Dayquil/ Nyquil has been doing this should work right??

I think after the docs office Im going to buy me some ice cream and go home and get into bed and watch movies and snuggle. PERFECT thursday yes.

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