Nov. 4th, 2008

So my weekend? Rocked. Literally!

I won't say that it made up for all the crap from the past month, but it was close.

Friday I got home from work, baked some Pumpkin Pie, put my costume together and off I went to pick up D and Cain.

We arrived at Amandas' about an hour early to help decorate and eat dinner. Amanda is amazing at making dinner. I fully endorce group dinners!

The first guests to arrive were suprised by dark lights, and the theme song to the Exorsist. We then jumped out and scared them. I TOTALLY scared alli enough that she screamed/jumped. Hilairous!

Anyway, our party was in full swing when we pulled out the cards to play Kings Cup followed by a trip to Karaoke.

Now...everything was going swimmingly. I saw this because it was a ton of fun. BUT.

ahahah.....the BUT:

We left for Karaoke at 11:30, pretty early yes. Several people in our group were quite drunk by then, and didn't know the meaning of "residential area" We had at least 3 neighbors come out and watch us leave Amanda's place.

Not cool.

Then we went to Lawson for some pick-me-ups and el Drunko spilled/dumped his drink ALL OVER THE LAWSON COUNTER.

Totally not cool.

At Karaoke things got better, we were singing and rocking out and I am sure the pictures are HORRIBLE. :D Some people left after the first hour, I stayed for the second hour.

As we were leaving I handled the money and stuff since half of our group could barely walk let alone do math.

This is where my night went from funny "ha-ha" to funny "ho-ho".

I ushered el Drunko out the door and was waiting for D in the bathroom when el Drunko got up in my grill and did the whole "Fuck. You. You know..... Fuck You".


He dropped his wallet on the floor and I was pissed enough to grab it and say nothing. Fuck him.

I then had to lead el Drunko back to Amandas' place since he was LOUD and ABNOXIOUS and I didn't want the neighbors back out there at 3am yelling at us. was like leading a fucking Re----ed kid with turrets. And it didn't help that he tried to grab me b/c he was drunk.

I think my pissy mood was being projected because the other non-annoying people in our group all thought I was mad at them and kept a large berth. Hahaha, I made ammends when we got back to Amandas place and put el Drunko to bed (WTF he got the futon and D and I had to sleep on the floor with no blankets...fuck that shit!)

Woke up at 7am (who does that?!!?) and everyone else was up except el Hangoverman. Ate some cookies for breakfast and hung out with D and Roy. We watched Spiral, a J-horror movie that isn't even scary (snail people? C'mon!)

Woke up el Hangover man and cleaned up Amanda's place for her. She and the rest of the group had left earlier for a road trip to Hiroshima. hahah good luck to them all!

el Hangoverman realized fairly soonish that he was walletless and began to freak out. I said nothing. D said nothing, and after letting Roy in on it, he said nothing. Good boy. I let him freak out until we took him home. then I lectured him on profanity, drunk behavior, and personal boundries. Gave him his wallet, and went home myself for a 2 hour nap before heading up to Osaka.

Ooooooooooooooosaka! I hadn't been there in months. REally! and I hadn't been out in the city in.....longer. tsk! Shameful!

D and I took the bus up and met up with Phil and Will (the Wi-Phi), grabbed dinner, and checked into the capsule. The streets were rocking, as tehre apparently was a huge event going on all weekend. All these people had passes around their necks. Will had to work (he is a crazy crazy man) so we went off with Phil, first to Kama Sutra where Halloween Karaoke was had and we met up with a bunch of former JETs. Then off to me the guitarist? Drummer? Of an Indy Metal band. THEN! said drummer? singer? somehting? got us in VIP to a rock event at the local rock club. Way too cool for me. Really!

Rocked it out, made friends, have numbers in my phone I don't remember getting, rekindled my love of Rock nRoll and metal. Then wisked myself off to the capsule with D in tow. I was getting drunk and the only way that would have ended if I had stayed...would have been badly. Smart Kate is Smart.

Slept till 9 the next mornign.....which wasn't really a lot of sleep at all (3 hours??) Got brekkie and walked around Amemura with D waiting for the Wi-Phi to give us a call. When they didn't by 6pm (jerks!) we called up one of our new friends from the rock Club and did purikura and karaoke. Then got the call from the boys and went to Wills to sleep. After Twister. And 300.

EPIC weekend was EPIC.

After some sleep, D and I got up with plans to head to Himeiji to go to this Japanese sports culture thing. We would have been able to learn some Japanese traditional sports (we signed up for Akido) but by the time we got there neither she nor I were feeling very well. Last of sleep, hangovers, and exhaustion will do that. We collected our free towels and left to get back to Awaji.

Got back at noon, and slept till 5. I have no schedule!!

And today I am working my life away. le sigh!

But!! I now have a bunch of new friends, some awesome memroies and promises to go to more rock concerts! Exciting!!

Sorry for the long entry!


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