Sep. 26th, 2008


Sep. 26th, 2008 01:04 pm
We have the return to JUDO!!! Along with numerous injuries of course!! ;)

I went up yesterday to practice- first time in MONTHS, and was very disappointed to learn that the dojo that they have been practicing is RIGHT BY MY HOUSE. D: I didn't go this summer because i didn't know where the dojo was and assumed it was farther away. Boo on me.

The third years are gone, but the second and first years are just as rowdy- if not more so! It was great!

Dayna came with me for her first practice and observed and joined in on our epic game of Tag. Again with the awesome factor. Though she was concerned with how touchy judo is. It looks like people are getting it- seriously . The holds are hilarious. too funny! She asked me what move involved "pinning someone down and humping them" and I replied that wasn't a move, but just my kids goofing off xD!

I also might have broken my toe :x

Dayna and I agree that it is probably just a sprain, but it was deep dark purple last night and painful to touch. I can walk with no problem, but....toe! New body part injured! I can cross if off my bingo sheet now!

.............might go to Judo today as well (such a masochist!)

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