Aug. 26th, 2008


Ive been weepy off and on today. Like. I'll be doing some work and all of the sudden...crying. I hate being a girl sometimes. I think its expected for girls to cry, but i seriously hate it.

And so you all know i'm not THAT girly. Im crying for a good reason.

One of my best friends on JET is leaving today. At 3pm in fact. He's returning home and I know that the chances of us meeting again aren't really the best. Im horrible at keeping in touch (case in point- my lack of updates) and even worse at visiting people.

Last night we had his sayonnara party and it was a blast and it ended in tears. It was just going to end at that. A farewell in a rainy parkinglot, but he forgot his watch in my bag. So Im going to book it up there in a few to deliver it before he gets on the bus. This is not good. Im already weepy and really there is no reason to be. We don't have that kind of close relationship. More like... well not to put you down Jackie, but kinda like our relationship only Ryan's got the Y chromosone. We snark and tease, and talk and I really think hes my closest friend on JET. Dayna is moving up and Im so glad that shes staying, but Im still loosing the person who has known me the longest on JET.


Now i have to walk to pick up my car (long story) and drive up there before his bus!


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