Aug. 7th, 2008

I know the exact mix of exhaustion, not-sleeping, and caffine to induce vomiting.  The EXACT mix.

omg I am dead dead dead.

Woke up early yesterday for Nushima. Was tehre till four. Went home and ate dinner and then made up a crap lesson for my eikaiwa class. went to that at 7. at 9 I tried to leave, and eventually left at 9:30. Picked up Dayna, Amanda, and Ryan and drove dehind the slwoest truck in the world to the Ferry, which we had to wait 25 minutes for.

Got on the ferry at 11:20 (pm!) and was the longest ferry ride e ver. Ended up RUNNING to the train station to cat ch the VERY LAST TRAIN to Osaka at 12:06. It was a local.

68 minutes later we arrived in Osaka and took a cab to Shinsaibashi and met up the the PArty which had been going on since 9pm. they were drunk, we were a mess. Drank some really nasty beers. ate some nachos.

Went to karaoke around 3am. sang till my throat bleed.....i do not lie. drank some chuhi and then some 'cha.

left karaoke at 5:15 am. The sun was up and rising.

got on the FRIST TRAIN back to Akashi. Slept the 60minutes that it took.

Got off train and went to starbuicsk. Got triple shot mocha. Drank. 

Raced to the high speed ferry and got back to awaji.

Made Dayna stay awake to keep me awake while driving back south. Dropped ryan off. Dropped amanda off. She looked like death, i felt slightly guilty.

Dropped Dayna at school and then went home and showered. Vommed.

Got into work at 9:46am.  1 hour sleep in the past 28 hours + a trip to Osaka + epic karaoke + dreinking + hot hot humid summer heat.

I am death and looking for somewhere to nap at school. It is looking like the ladies toliet might be te best place nbot tp be awoken.

KMay die today: still habve an english lesson with two childten, the fixing of my aircon, and a bbq that i am organzign.

if you dont: here from me.....i didn:t make it!!


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