Aug. 5th, 2008

It seems like I have far far too much to do, while at the same time I have all this free time. Why does that happen??!?!!

The newbs are coming on Wednesday, we've already got one, Amanda, who is awesome. I have a feel that this year may not suck as much as I thought it would. Wednesday will be ....difficult to say the least in that 8million things are happening and tehre is a good chance that 1: I will not sleep for 48 hours, and 2: I will be drunk for a bit of that time.

I got back from Fukuoka safe and sound....I don:t know if I posted that I was going to Fukuoka, but I did and I mad eit back and I've got stories to tell all about it. 

Next week Caitrin and Shannon are coming to Japan and though I am so excited, I don:t think I am in any way prepared for their coming. Im such a bad friend.

Ive got no food in my apartment, and did not eat breakfast (literally NO FOOD)  so Im a bit cranky, but I have to stick it out at work till at least noon, and then rush home and clean and chill it because I have the Kids today and their MOM is coming for the lesson as well. FUCK. Definatly not looking forward to this lesson. Gonna make me some worksheets right now for the boys ( I feel like these lessons are more babysitting than actual learning English. )

I got  a box of chocolates from a teacher i helped, it makes me feel special.

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