Jul. 29th, 2008

 IF I survive today, I will be very very happy.

I leave for Fukuoka tonight, and because I am an idiot and did NOT really look up times I did NOT know that I needed to get on the boat at 6pm, which means I need to get to the boat by 5:35 , which  is BAD

BAD because I have an english lesson from 2-3, and fucking hell but the woman was 20 min late picking up the kids last time and that CAN'T HAPPEN. 

IF! If I leave at 3, I will have no proble,\m- that is IF I am out the door at 3 on the dot.

BUT If the kids don't leaving on time than I am fucked.

Going to try to call to see if I can move up the lesson OR cancel it. At least tell them that I need to be out of my town by 3, so they fucking better not be late.

I worked out all the times with trains and such, but its cutting so close and I HATE making close calls.

ALSO I am at work waiting to do a teaching thing, and it better happen soon so that I can LEAVE and pack for said trip.

There may be hell to pay today.

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