Jul. 24th, 2008

For some rea son my air con wasn't working last night. No biggie, I can sweat to death, its cool. 

On the other hand, I am now waking up at 5am everyday to the start of the cicadas. They get so loud  that I can't hear my alarm when it goes off. Of course, I go back to sleep and can kinda drift. The noise turns soothing after awhile, like a buzzing in your ears.

I am in work today only for the free air conditioning. I can leave whenever I want, but if I do...then I will be hot and sweaty and bored bored bored.

This past weekend I went to Osaka, USJ, and a bbq where we were dumbasses and launched fireworks at each other. I burned my foot when Ryan through some firecrackers at me. I also lost the toe ring I bought in Bali when we went swimming around 11pm. There may have been fireworks in the water, chicken fights, and dunking. Followed by trying to see how much dirty Sumoto bay water you can drink while being thrown by a large Kiwi.

good times.

The weather has been "perfect" for about a week now. No clouds, no rain. Just pure sushine all day. Its nice, but its sooooo fucking hot that I can't take it. No shade! Ive been hiding indoors when I can.

I really need to study Japanese

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