Jun. 20th, 2008

Could today get any worse? It's not even 9am, and I am ready for today to stop, rewind, and begin again.

First: I didn't sleep well. I even went to bed at 10, for the first time in almost two weeks! I woke up because it was too hot, so I opened the window. Then it began to rain- on me. So I closed the window. Then I was too hot again, so I pulled my fan out of the closet. Ugh.

Fast forward to breakfast where I DROPPED my mp3 player and cracked the screen D:
It still works, but now the screen is all wonky.

THEN I as I was running out the door, late for work and carrying hot coffee and my bag I slipped on the dreaded apartment stairs. If you've ever been to my apartment you know that the stairs suck and are ridiculously slippery. So I slipped and fell down 6 steps and landed in a puddle of dirty, muddy sludge.

Too late to go back and change, I limped to my car and drove to work.

....only to realize I forgot my phone at home, and I have to make important phone calls today.

Then! (hahah yes there is still more!) I had the health check forms on my desk. I can't read them really, but can infer what the hell they say. Ive got something that is (+2) where it shouldn't be and am supposed to fill out a form and send it back, only I have no idea what I have (+2) !!! and i really don't want to ask my teacher to explain it to me. Also- I was right! my hearing is fucked and Ive got high cholesteral. Damnit

Added to this Ive lost the form I need to order new contacts, and i am out of contacts.

...and its still five minutes till 9am.
......and my pants are still wet from this morning :(

can today end now?
Today is still following a downward trend:

Fish heads with a side of fish head salad for lunch

my back is begining to hurt from my fall, and all of my kids are pointing out that my clothes are dirty.

ran home to make a phone call, and the person told me that she spoke english, I asked a question and she replied in Japanese. Of which I did not understand. When I told her that, she hung up.

I was asked what lunch I wanted on July 6th, since I was multi tasking I just pointed to one....and later looked it up. July 6th is a Sunday and i will be in Tokyo....so WHAT THE FUCK SCHOOL?!?!

Friday? stop trying to be Monday! (though my Monday was awesome..so maybe its kharma)

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