Jun. 4th, 2008


Jun. 4th, 2008 09:49 am
So Sunday night there was a BBQ on the roof of Ali and Wendy's place....hosted by A&W. Don't really know Wendy at all. But Ali's alright.

Anyway, BBQ. good times, terrible photos. Stayed up late. Monday I went home right after work and slept almost the entire way through till Tuesday. (waking up for easy mac and such)

Yesterday was the annual teacher health check. During the health check they test EVERYTHING. They check your eyes, then take a photo of your EYEBALL, they test your blood pressure and then give you an EKG, they test your lungs, and then give you a chest xray. Plus blood, hearing and pee tests. WEIRD JAPAN.

Apparently my hearing isn't so good. I knew this of course. Ive been ahving trouble hearing people for a while now. I think its because I wear ear-buds when listning to music and that kills your ears. Im going to try and cut back, and turn the volume down on everything. My hearing is shit and Im not yet 25!

My blood pressure always amuses me. Im basically one step above "corpse." When I used to give blood they always worried about that because my blood pressure is so low. But I bleed like anything! So when she checked it yesterday she made a "tsking" noise and asked me if I had eaten already. When I told her yeah, she looked confused.

Sorry Japan, White people can be unique. I don't have the same vitals as a J-person. They are much much shorter and lighter than I am anyway. tsk.

Went to Judo for an AWESOME practice. AND they gave me a schedule (which I left in the locker room DOH!) going to try to keep it up this time!

Got home, made fajitas and watched some TV. Around 11 Sarah imed me to remind me that the VENTURE BROTHERS SEASON 3 had just started...so I dwnlded it and stayed up even later laughing my ass off. I <3 it so much!

AND there is the VB t-shirt club! where you can get 14 VB tshits throughout the season for just 250$.

I want....but will have to concider the price. ouch.

The sun is out today but it won't last. Rainy seasons a bitch.

At nushima hating it. The teacher her STILL sucks. Really need a hair cut. Might just show up and see what they can do (usually need an appointment)

meh. Life is boring?

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