Jun. 3rd, 2008

So I cleaned my apartment this weekend. And by clean I mean that its freakishly clean. Scarily clean. Uncomfortably clean. Insanely Clean.

Its clean.

I had a major OCD episode Saturday night (hahah). I meant to start cleaning around 11am when I woke up, but instead I lazed about till 5 before starting. And then I didn't finish till 11, and even then I wasn't finished, just tired. I finished on Sunday.

Cleaned the tatami, ALL CLOSETS, the genkan, BEHIND the washing machine, took everything off of the walls and am still in the process of redecorating. When through 4 bags of burnable trash, 2 bags of stuff I dropped at Jusco, and I still have 1 bag cans, 1 bag glass objects, 1 bag other recylables, and then some bulk items like my old vacuum cleaner and a VHS player that I found and do not need/use.

I felt productive for all of a day. And then on Monday it rained, and I was lazy so instead of doing anything worth doing, I took a 3 hours nap, ate some mac n' cheese, and then went back to bed. FOR THE WORST NIGHT SLEEP EVER. I seriously woke up every half hour. and then some. ugh.

Today was health check day where I went and got asked a bunch of questions I didn't understand and said yes and no at random intervals and have no idea what the doctors now think of me. But they did take a picture of my eyeball (SO COOL) and I got an EKG (Wtf???) and a chest xray.

wooo good times.

Plus all my 2nd year classes were cancelled this week!

AND Im going to go to Judo today and get my ass beat.

dichotomy: thy name is my life.

ps: its rainy season and supposed the rain for the next 2 weeks straight. FUCK THAT SHIT.

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