May. 8th, 2008

My sunburn hurts more today than yesterday :( Might be the clothes Im wearing though. I tried for looser shirts, but all that does is make it move against my skin. Ouch.

Yesterday I realized that some of my priorities...aren't really in the right order.

For instance: I left for work a tad bit early since my gas meter was on EMPTY. Not like...almost empty, but really really empty. But in Japan the gas stations don't open till 7:30 and that was when I needed to be on the boat to get to Nushima. So, I made it to the ferry. I was very very suprised. I had NO HOPE IN HELL of making it back home and had even prepared the text to send Dayna to ask for help.

After work, on my way back I am driving as best as I can to make my car keep going. I know that there is a fas station in the next town, and as I pull up to it....its closed. DAmnitfuckit.

So I figure I may just maybe might make it home. Its less than 10k away. And my car goes at least 17k per liter. So I figure: reserve tank yeah? I might make it!

Of course then I am taking a short cut and I pass a vending machine....with Mountain Dew. Instead of coming back later I do a U-ie go back and buy 6 cans.

I am STILL amazed that my car started after that. I literally ran out on the down hill slope into the gas station (thank god!) But to me, apparently, Mt. Dew is way more important than gasoline. sheesh.

Also: funny thing. Yesterday at Nushima one of my old students came in and just kinda hung around the school all day (what else are you going to do on a tiny island). He had fallen down some stairs and came in fake cry and asked me to kiss it better. I laughed, because he was a class clown...and i didn't believe a word of it. Till he dropped trou and tried to show me his war wounds. Hahahahah mooned. in the staff room. I turned my head away, because really...I don't need to see that. But yeah, apparently he wasn't lying and did fall down some stairs, he had gauze and stratches all over his back. I still LOLed. My life can be so weird sometimes.

I really want to go back to Judo today, Im in the mood and everything..only it hurts to move my stomach too much, so Im going to have to wait it out,.....again. i need to stop injuring myself so much.
Hahaha I am a freak!

My teacher just asked me if I wanted to come to his house for dinner, and I said sure! Why not! and then he said "well it is far away, maybe you should stay the night" and I COMPLETELY BLUSHED like WHOA.

now the funny thing here is that taken out of context, that is a dirty dirty thing. But the context is that Im going over to a teachers house for the first time and his wife is making dinner and I get to play with his kids (they are like 4-5yrs old!) And he lives like an hour and a half away. So. Context. Hello! I do not need to blush like an idiot!


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