Apr. 21st, 2008

Totally rocked up to work not wearing a suit today.

as per usual.

only...today is picture day. and Parent teacher day.

I knew it was PTA day, but you don't need a suit for that, just nice clothes. But no one told me it was picture day.

There is a sea of japanese people in severe dark suits...and then me. In yellow and white skirt and sweater.

alas. or yippee. Whichever you think fits this situation.

Totally had an awesome weekend, which goes to show that this week will truely be crapola.

Have two English lessons, need to get car fixed and determined to join Judo this week. whoopee!!

One of those English lessons is the Eikaiwa mess that Im in. Im planning on meeting with the guy who organizes it to tell him that I am not going to sign the contract because i don't think its fair, and I no longer want to do, nor have the time to plan two lessons a month. Im selfish that way. That will be an interesting conversation with my massive passive agressive behavior. Wish me luck.

Im going to be in a White Water Rafting race at the end of May with a bunch of guys from Awaji. I was the last to join the group and the only girl so of course the team name is something ridiculour (The Pussy Paddlers) which should be insulting or something like that, but I find it vaguely hilarious.

Going to start training today by walking around a lot and lifting crap. Feel my determination. Frankly Im just in it to hangout with the guys (something I dont do near as often) and to go rafting of course (which is awesome)

If I can survive this week and do the goals I have planned, I deserve a cookie. Or a party. Or both.


Apr. 21st, 2008 11:34 am
So I gave one of the JETs on the island a link to my journal (Hi!) but then I got paranoid about crap that Ive written and went back to re-read some stuff.

wow I used to be really really really funny! good times.

but then I found this from July 5th, 2005

My roommate went home for the next few weeks so its been really quiet around the apartment. I think its kinda good for me to have this expirence becuase it makes me want to never have an apartment bymelf. as much as i like my personal space, it gets too quiet and creepy without somone at least being in the apartment and i think having someone to talk to as well is a large plus.

Now, I live alone at the moment and have done for over a year. And this is truefax! I hate living bymyself. Its awful.

Its quiet and lonely and weird. and I do not enjoy it except when Im watching movies at full volume. I really like living with other people. One of the worst things about going out with friends on the weekend and saying goodbye, getting in my car and driving home, and then having no one at home to talk to or anything. It makes me want to prolong the night out even when I logically know that I should be heading home.

I think that regardless of what I do after JET I will def need someone to live with. I was so used to living with others, that after living by myself I probably need to be re-trained on how to be a good roomate. Or a boyfriend. could totally do that.

Oh and Jackie.... I found the most amusing conversation with you. About your dick. HILARIOUS.

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