Feb. 29th, 2008

Testing week= no classes and sitting at my desk drooling in bordem.

On the other hand mmmmmm black black coffee.

Ive gone from Black tea straight up to black coffee. Its so good and I cannot help myself!

I am just randomly babbling, but seriously I have NOTHING to do today. No classes, no grading, no books to read, nothing to do at all. For 6 more hours.

I would take a nap, but Ive already had 2 cups of black coffee. I would search the internets- but thats what i did yesterday and the day before.

Brightside is that its beautiful out today and the temp will hit around 55 today! Perfect weather for laundry and cleaning (haha...yeah still haven't done that)

This weekend is Amar's birthday. We're all going to Osaka to party it up. Only, I don't know how much I'll do. Im just getting better, and my side, though not as painful, still twinges. So no dancing for me. I might just go out to the bar with them and then head back before the club.

And now that Im getting better and have been cleared by the doctor I can confess that I was pretty worried about how sick I was/how long I was sick. On monday I had a chest xray and blood work done. THAT freaked me out. But both came up sparkling clear and the blood work revealed that Im in perfect health. I had begun to worry that I might have TB or something. It seems like it was just a prolonged cold mixed with pulled muscles and fatigue. Never would have thought how awesome that sounds compared to what i have been imagining.

Finally made it to Dr. Who season 3. Only to find that its near impossible to get streaming, and a lot of the episodes are corrupt torrents. Anyone out there know a good torrent site/streaming? Amy? I am all caught up on Torchwood since I am in mad love with that show and everything silly about it. (silly really is the best word to describe it) Season 3 of DW so far is kinda...blah. Martha is getting on my nerves, though I am finally starting to like David Tennet as The Doctor. Im definatly going to buy the DVD boxsets when Im in the states(or if i see them in Osaka this weekend).

(okay so this post took up all of 10 minutes to write...looks like Wikipedia random article time!)

I am so hungry at the moment. And have no idea why. well....maybe.

Do apples make people hungry? I slowly ate an apple this morning and theoretically that should have tided me over, but its an hour befor lunch and I am so hungry! i have some ritz...but breaking them out in the middle of the staff room might not be wise.

...speaking of lunch. My teachers are talking about it, but I don't quite understand what they are saying. Either we are having school lunch, OR they are ordering bentos OR teachers are going out to eat. I wish they would tell me whats happening! (aka plz dont order me a bento they are nasty) plus its friday and lent which means no meat so I would rather just to go home and make my own lunch. (and maybe not come back to work since i am NOT DOING ANYTHING)

There is also a baby here at work. I think an old student brought her in. Can't tell how old the mom is but she looks to be at least 20. Shes been here before too. just chatting with the other teachers while the baby screams. Now, I like kids...but sitting here listening to it- NOT COOL.

I think Youtube is the answer (it always is)

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