Feb. 15th, 2008

Dear Japan,

you drive me crazy,


Onto other news: Had english lesson last night and the Dr was suprised I was still sick. No duh dipshit. He said that if I was still ill by monday to come in and get xrays. Will do.

This weekend Tomoko and Obaachan are coming to Awaji! I am so excited to see them, but kinds sad that I am still sick. I was going to stay in the hotel with them and hang out, but it looks like maybe just hang out and sleep at my place (which DESPERATLY needs to be cleaned)

I couldn't sleep for the life of me last night, and kept waking up all night. Weird dreams too. Woke up with 10min till work and basically just brushed my teeth and put on some clothes. I feel dirty. I would go home and shower/change- but out of all the days this week- I have classes all day today. First time this week. Its weird.

The weather is nice again today, and I am hoping that by the end of work I will still be a little entergetic to go home and clean up and stuff and not just nap. Plus- I bought food on Wednesday- but still have NO food at my place (hahah buying milk, tomatoes and cheese does not a meal make)

whoops! class in 10!!
So when I am sick, I generally suck as a person. This is fact. The past month is testament to this.

Today I felt GREAT-only because my students made me feel great. I still am coughing and rib-hurting, but these kids made me laugh and smile SO MUCH today. It felt great.

So Friday's I have all of my 2nd years, whom I love. and today was a great day to have them.

First, they stood behind me at lunch while I watched the new trailer for the Indiana Jones IV movie. And then asked me about which movies I liked, and about Valentines day. They agreed that buying cheap on sale chocolate and eating it by yourself is the best way to celebrate the holiday single.

Then in my last class of the day, my absolute favorite class:

-one girl constatntly was waving at me to make me distracted while reading their vocab words. She like to catch me by suprise.

-the boys repeated everything in a falsetto voice.

-The kid who has a crush on me TOTALLY tried a line today. I don't know whether it is more hilarious, or pathetic. Senario: They have to answer the question "why did you go to the resturant?" he answered: "I went to the resturant to eat sukiyaki, curry and rice, and Kathleen" I busted it laughing and said that Hellz kid I am not delicious! and he didn't miss a beat saying "But you look delicious to me"
!!! hahaahahahha I die. Truely. I hate to break it to him that he's about 10years too young!

- On the whiteboard with the list of today's classes someone made the note next to English: "Kathleen Day!" It gave me warm fuzzies.

So feeling brighter and more optomistic. I hope I can keep this feeling all the way home to clean up my apartment and get some actual work finished. Ive been slacker for SO LONG that its awful. Trying to decide whether to get sushi for dinner or to make myself a tunafish sandwich. Choices mate, choices.

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