Jan. 28th, 2008

1- did in fact get MORE sick after a weekend in the snow. But oh how it was worth it. I love love love love love snow. Snowboarding on the other hand...hates me. I am in such pain today-and more sick. i reallly contimplated a sick day today. Going to the point of picking up the phone and looking up what to say. But my fear of speaking japanese on the phone was greater than how awful I feel today. So school is where I am at. and miserable. I really hurt my neck yesterday. Complete whiplash. ow.

2- My stats for this year are now 2 for 2. I asked out boy#2 and got turned down. Plus he was on the ski trip and I was completely ignored all weekend.
Meeting boys in bars is probably the worst thing to do ever- but so far its the only way I have come to meet new people. I still got 2 weeks till Vday. so still looking. I will have a date before then- I swear it!

(maybe more)- I have been really down lately. Sickness plus getting no lovin' has made me blue. But in the next two weeks I get to go to a friends wedding and spend a weekend with Tina, so I should recover my spirits. I am saying this because when i am down I usually sleep and read a lot and not go on the computer. so. yeah. Im not dead, but hibernating :D

pps- I miss the snow!!! It was wonderful!!

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