Jan. 10th, 2008

I am back from Bali.

back meaning...for the first time ever, I am sick of Japan and want to be somewhere else.

so of course the first thing I see on my desk this morning is my recontracting form, all filled out saying that my school wants me to stay and giving me till the 8th of February before I absolutely have to have all my paperwork turned in.

Shit man.

I am just as unsure now as I was when I went to Bali, even more so now. and I have to make a decision soon.

my pro/con list isn't helping me and I think I am being just a bit bitchy this week (fun in sun to freezing in my apt. plus I think I picked up a cold on the plane)

One of the people I met in Bali, who was like... my soul mate for getting along well (seriously? we introduced each other..and were like best friends the rest of the time) kept telling me that "2008 is going to be THE year. The best year of our lives. It's all good in 2008. It's all good."

I think I need that optomism now :(

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