Hey y'all!

Still no job! Though I have finally heard back from the JET office with the "Thanks for coming, sorry but we found someone better" ....only 2 months later! crazy!

Honestly though...I haven't been looking. At all. Not even temp/part time.

Things have just sped up in terms of stuff happening all at once.

Erin is going to college in a few months and is graduating Valedictorian next week.

Lydia is leaving for Slovakia the first week of August and we're going through all the procedures to get her visa and airline ticket all set.

And the topping on all this cake is that last week my Dad failed a stress test. The test after that showed that he has a 70% blockage in the arteries in his heart. So we've had to DRASTICALLY change everything around the house. Dad can't do ANYTHING until he has an angioplasty (Monday) and he has to switch to a diet better for his heart (the south beach diet was keyed by the Dr). That means i've been doing 90% of what he used to do :bug killing, window fixing, lawn mowing, furniture moving, roof climbing....fun. While all this is happening my mom came down with the flu.


Oh, and we're having a huge family reunion in July and are supposed to help out with that. FUCK IT.

so...I've been really really mia lately. I've even stopped checking email and such. Bad friend!

Today mom was well enough that I could get some grocery shopping done and go back through paperwork. So if you've msged me or anything lately...sorry!

An Update regarding: My Life.

-Still no job

-Still no health insurance

-Got my pension refund, so there is a buffer on the bank account. Whew!

-After blowing off that guy- haven't heard from him again. Kinda relieved. Kinda feel like a bitch.

-I went to the beach for a week with Sam, Sean, Abby and their friend Cam. It was glorious! And I didn't get sunburned! I did get (no joke) 31 mosquito bites on my legs. And I got to see both Dolphins and Wild ponies. And ride a ferry. And beach bbq. and buy a load of really cheap antique costume jewelry for very very cheap. Yay Outer Banks!

-Still at home, and haven't been looking for a job in almost 3 weeks. I'm a slacker. Prepare for beach. Beach. and now Zoe is sick with something. She got me up at FIVE THIRTY this morning. Apparently she woke up at 1am....and couldn't get back to sleep. Fever and everything. Second day in a row. I'm a stay at home mom, 10 years too soon !

-I have SO MANY THINGS to send out to people, and instead I am napping, and doing laundry. yup.
Hey everyone!

Thanks for all the advice about the last post. I promised the guy I would call him....but I seriously haven't felt like it/ want to. So....I'm gonna be *that* bitch, and just not call. Whatever.

On Tuesday I made the call and took my puppy into the Vet to be put down. We've had cookie since Christmas of 1994. To say it was a tough decision is wrong. She was so old, and in so much pain. She could barely walk, and had trouble breathing.....but at the same time, whenever you pet her or called her name she would still wag her tail. I thought I would be a bit removed from it all since I haven't lived here really since College, but I was a mess. I couldn't believe that she was gone. The kids also took it really really hard. I can't remember being this upset when the dog we had when I was small, Molly Brown, was put down.

added to that, still no word back from ANY of the places I have applied to, and I still haven't gotten my paycheck from March.

This week can go away any time now :(
So. Me. Not a big dater.

Partly due to lack of men around me in college.
Partly due to moving to a country where I don't speak the language, and all white guys hit on j-girls like whoa.

And partly due to the fact that I am selfish, and much prefer to do stuff I like, than compromise with someone.

So this guy. Yeah. Met him at an Embassy shindig and he was interesting. Asked for my number. cool.

Went out with him a few weeks ago to a pretty awesome restaurant in D.C. Easy conversation, and he genuinely is really interesting!

Also: not my type.

Went on a second date with him before Phil's visit. Awesome restaurant, easy conversation..and again: no chemistry for me. and really not my type. He's 36. .....yeah just a *weeeeee* bit too old (by like 6 years)

So he called on monday and asked for date #3. Truthfully, I know this is going no where. I'm not interested. But I like the attention, and I like the conversation. I agreed to date #3.

Only: His plan this time around is to make me dinner at his place. Which is cool....but also: wayyyyy too fast yo!

I kinda wanted to turn him down then, but conversation was flowing and I said yes.

Now, its tomorrow, and again I reallllly don't want to do it, but I also fail at telling people over the phone "sorry, but this isn't really going to work out" I much rather do it face to face, but isn't it a dick move to do it at his place? I fail at dating.

I want to tell him that it isn't going to work, but I am enough of a bleeding heart to hate to tell people bad news: I wish they could just automatically know. argh

anyway: I am complaining/ asking advice, because at what point should I tell him? Before dinner/after? or text tomorrow with a "i'm not coming" ?? Which is meaner? Going to dinner and then breaking it off, or not going at all?

What's the protocol on this?!?!

lol, see this is why I need an immature guy, who is also selfish. I hate no idea what to do with guys who are successful, mature, and know what they want. NO IDEA.

I have a job interview tomorrow...at the embassy.

so of course Im taking today to prepare for it. Just tried my suit on again....and its not fitting :(

i hate stress!!!

It fit perfectly before I brought it to Jackies!!

My problem is...and really I shouldn't complain, everyone will hate me, but when Im stressed I lose girth in my upper body. Meaning, my skirt fits perfectly but the top and the jacket look like Im playing dress up with my moms clothes :( and its a 3 piece set, so I can't just mix-match!

Im going to try pinning the top, and then...I dunno puffing my chest? during the interview? I look ridiculous.....but everything else looks worse!
My sister is CURRENTLY having her sweet 16 birthday party. Its a major success with like...40 some kids here down in our basement having a dance party.

and I have NEVER felt so old before D: !!

First: I NEVER had anyone over when I was in high school except Meghan. EVER.

Second: Never had any parties or went to any parties in HS.

Third: One of her friends was chatting to me and then asked how old I was. When I said 25...he looked AGHAST. like "OMG...srsly???!?"

:( I am a sad puppy! I am supposed to chaperone..but instead am hiding from the gaggle of 16 year olds. boo
"I'm going to be productive today...which means I need to put a shirt on..."

I have off today because there isn't much left to do in the office before they hire the new consultant. Which I hope is me.

I have a LIST of things that need to be done and I really really need to get them all done today.

Day off

Feb. 23rd, 2010 12:55 pm
I took today off, even though we are really busy at work- so that I could go to the Flogging Molly concert. At 6pm. :p

I defend myself in that everyone took off on Monday and I went in. Early. In fact nearly 5 hours early. I made Jackie wake up on her day off and drive me to the metro to go into work- only to realize during my walk to the embassy that I did not need to be at work till 1:30.


So I went down to the Smithsonian and visited the Asian art gallery, the National museum of Art and the Dillon Gallery. All of which were awesome. I then proceeded to WALK from the Mall (near the Washington Monument) to Dupont and then to the Embassy. Lets just say...its FAR. Omg my legs hated me, but the rest of me was very happy. I had a good time.

Tonight's concert is going to rock. Got the ticket from Mom for my birthday and Erin got a ticket for Christmas, and Jackie and Matt will also be going since it is Matt's birthday today!

I spent the morning organizing and cleaning and looking at paperwork (not doing- just looking at it)

I need a job. Like desperately. My temp gig is up next week (i think) and I have like 6 pages of jobs to go through and apply to. Sigh.
Well now! it's been quite a while hasn't it?

I am still at the Embassy doing temp stuff and still looking for a full time job/ permanent place to set up house.

The epic snowstorm saw me stranded at my parents house which was nice: all the food, tv, games, entertainment, and fires I could want! We played Whist almost every night, ate like kings and watched a metric fuck-ton of movies/tv. GOOD TIMES

oh and also had to dig the house out of the snow, clean off the roof, and save ourselves from a gas leak....yeah.

I'm back down in MontGom and was supposed to work today (Prez day!) but my boss called me off this morning with a "no work! yay!" email. Sigh...I was already awake. Luckily I went back to sleep...for like 3 hours. score

I cleaned a bit around Jackies. She never lets me clean when she's here. :( But aha! I win!

Im also making dinner. Goulash bitches!

This week is crunch week at work, and I'm really excited about it. I can't wait to go in tomorrow. Love this job...though its temporary. I'm hoping against all hope that I'll be considered for the full time position

I'm also hoping to find that "special someone" I am my ONLY single friend in the area. Everyone else is all loveydovey. I did have Date night with Caitrin on Saturday and that was epic fun. we saw the movie Valentine's Day and I will say that I loved it and thought it super cute and yes, I did laugh and cry and was suprised. :p and this from someone who HATES romcoms!

Then we went out to the bar and saw a blue grass band. date night success!

On Vday itself I went shopping and bought shoes, and ate a GIANT bacon sandwich and then watched some Venture Brothers and Wet Hot American Summer. Vday gets an A plus!

And now i have an hour to go and be putzy before I need to shop for dinner. SIGH.


Jan. 3rd, 2010 01:50 pm
I am now a quarter of a century old.
Its so bizzare, because I always think that Im young. Probably left over from being the youngest all the time (in school, activities, etc.) and now...I'm 25. Its really really weird.

My mom had a baby and one on the way when she was 25.
My dad hitchhiked to California and back when he was 25.

Looking at that...I've done a hella lot too. I lived in Japan for 3 years. I've traveled extensively. I took the Trans-siberian across Russia...by myself.

But at the same time. I'm 25, working as a Temp (with the Job ending in January), living with my roommate from college and her boyfriend...and trying to get by.

My birthday was AWESOME though. I was pretty hungover all day on the first, but Jackie and Matt and I went out and saw Sherlock Holmes (which was awesome). Then we came back and played scrabble and watched Ratatouille.

I slept in will 10:30 on my birthday and then went to H&M with Jackie. Everything was on sale! I got a lovely lavender dress for 20 and a work skirt for 15.

Got back just in time for Sarah, my sister to arrive. We got all jazzed up and headed into the city. It was so cold and windy that we ate right across from the 930 club at Duffy's Pub. mmmm Irish food! Caitrin stopped by later and then around 8 we went into the club.

My present from Jackie and Matt was tickets to go see Gogol Bordello!!!!

The opening act, the Extraordinaires were pretty awesome but had nothing compared to Gogol. The energy was amazing!! I couldn't even stay in the pit all that long because it was that intense!

A very memorable birthday!

I'm going up to the Fam's next weekend for birthday celebrations up there. Im really excited :)
So... My laptop has been in trouble lately.

It had problems in Japan due to Microsoft. I needed to download some additional drivers and whatnot

When I sent my laptop home, my sister said she would handle it.

Instead she wiped the system (including the Vaio only, recovery switch) and loaded her copy of windows.

My computer then didn't work AT ALL, since none of the Vaio specific drivers were installed.

So I went to Sony and they sent me the drivers on a recovery disk with alll the stuff that was needed.

Today I attempted to fix it, followed all directions and my harddrive has DIED.


Meaning, you can hit the switch, and the light comes on....for about 3 seconds before shutting off and not working.

I emailed Sony, and they said "umm...hard drive failure. Suckage! Sorry you aren't under warranty!"

.....so...anyone know any good deals for computers out there?


Dec. 20th, 2009 01:40 pm

literally. Our road hasn't been plowed and the one time we ventured out we couldn't get back in and had to park at the ski place.

I need to work tomorrow and there is NO way I can get down to DC unless they plow our road and a miracle happens.


.........with my BROTHER
this is me NOT working on my resume :(

I just can't seem to sit down and do it. Probably because I only have time after work- at around 8pm. And by then my mind is fried. I might try to stay after tomorrow and sit in starbucks or something and work on it. NEEDS TO GET DONE.

Other news:

Living near DC with Jackie. Working at the Embassy. I get to process peoples dreams. It is sad that I cannot tell people that their dreams have been DENIED (but really...they should follow directions! seriously people!)

Its nice living down here...but I also feel that I'm not doing enough to find what I'll be doing next. I should be interviewing and applying, but I can't seem to focus as of yet on it all.

Its weird. When they said reverse-culture-shock, I didn't think they meant "your brain will be dead and life will become dull" Its also known as "growing up"

Desperately need to get working....we'll see :(
Having a job...even though a temp one..is nice :)

that being said...Ive only been to work ONCE on time so far. The first day I got lost and ended up getting there exactly at 9:30, and on friday my alarm didn't go off...so I got there at 11.

I need to manage my time better!

Living with Jackie has been awesome. We went out this weekend to Ikea and I bought a rather nice (though cheap!) futon. It converts and everything, so in the future I have both a bed and a sofa. Yay!

Got several job listings this weekend (thanks Meghan/Maria!) and have been trying to get my resume all together to apply...but my laptop is still broken and J's computer doesn't recognize all my files ....whoops?

going to work it out tonight and see if I can get something send in asap. One listing was for pittsburgh and another for MN.

gotta keep my eyes to the future!

So... tomorrow im going on a Lunch date with this guy I met at one of the Halloween parties I attended. He was coming on pretty strong..and is kinda "meh" but I give anyone first dates. We'll see.

Also, since Im going into the city tomorrow. Will and I are hitting up the National Zoo. neither of us has ever been to it! amazing!

Zoo + date+ brother hanging out = good day!

My ilfe continues on its "blah" parade. Still haven't begun the job search yet and have been inundated with so many just pointless things...that are kinda important.

For instance: College visits for my sister. She's a senior and at the top of her class (literally..shes #1) and she needs to go out and see schools and apply this fall. Somehow it has fallen to me to take her to these schools. Its not...bad per se... but going to suck since a lot of these visits are during the week or on my FEW free weekends.
And I can't really complain since it needs to be done and neither of my parents can do it.


just frustating and all.

and my attention span is already gone
Only....at home which equals more stress than teaching in a foreign country. I swear my parents save up the crazy for when I am in the house, and now that I am technically living here....its insane in SPADES.

Every single day I have been on my feet going like crazy. If I stop to do anything... like, I dunno... SHOWER! something will go wrong. ALWAYS. Its been three weeks of this!!!

Ive also been spending money...which I DON"T HAVE-IM UNEMPLOYED!!!!... like crazy..but haven't bought anything for myself. Its all household expenses like groceries or gas money for taking the kids places. Mom says she'll get me back..but she doesn't know when.

....Stress. YES.

Im also trying to find a moment to sit down and work on my resume so that I can start job searching, but the way things are now, I think the house would implode if Im not here.

Paul's home and that is making things crazy, so hopefully once he heads back to base things will settle down a bit.

In the middle of all of this, I am heading to Minnesota from October 14-20 for my cousins wedding and general shennigans. Sam! You around??

Right now that trip is the only thing keeping me sane. This is the first time that my laptop has actually been plugged in and working. Ive been checking mail on my mom's laptop about once a day....lets just say that isn't fun :(

okay...sleep is needed!
Just checking in.....uh.. Im alive?

In germany and heading to the UK tomorrow. Back to the states on Labor Day.

I LIVE!!!!! I have Survived the Philippines, CHINA. Mongolia, and Russia.

Am currently in Germnay Rocking out in a net cafe- being awesome.

If I had your address, I tried to send postcards....if you dont get one...umm my bad??

My trip has been AWESOME. Unbelievably so!! I fucking went CAMPING in Siberia. Unreal.

Oh, and I wasnt kidnapped into white slavery. So that is a plus as well ;)

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