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Updating or at least attempting to from my iPhone. I sorta smashes me laptop accidentally :/

Big thing that I need to say, but can't on Facebook ( primarily because its something I want to say, but don't want too many people asking about it) is that, after fourteen years, tonight I pulled a sliver of glass from my forehead. I'm really emotional about it and cried for a good half hour after and still am getting teary over it.

Background: when I was in high school my sister and I were in a terrible car accident. Our tire blew while going up an elevated S-curve and my sister lost control of the car. Luckily, and really!, she missed a telephone pole and tree and we went into a ditch. If we had hit the tree or pole, one of both of us would have died. Instead, the ditch crumpled the front half of the car evenly- she hit the steering wheel and was able to flag down some help. She was hospitalized for nearly a month because the impact collapses her left lung. I was in the passenger seat and my seatbelt did not catch - I hit the windshield. I had such a bad concussion that to this day I can't remember much of the beginning of sophomore year and none of the week before the accident and the immediate aftermath. I have vague images that I don't know if they are memories, or I made them up based on what people told me.

Because my sister was in serious shape, she was rushed to the ER- I don't really know what happened with me. But I came to, at home, several hours later. My mother was still at the hospital with my sister and my dad was taking care of me. At the hospital they pronounced I had a concussion and put an icepack on my face. I did not have any field cleaning- at all. I spent the next two weeks going daily to my family doctor and having her pull out dirt, glass and tissue. I spent the next two years going to specialists about nerve damage I had and trying to minimize my scars (one told me to get bangs) I spent time myself, painstakingly pulling out slivers o glass. The last piece I remember pulling was in 2002 or 2003.

Tonight I pulled a 2.5mm shard from above my brow. I know there is glass in there, I've felt it and sometimes if I wash my face/run too hard ill bruise- but this was a vindication, an emotional coaster or relief. I visited a doctor last October about glass near my eye and she told me there wasn't anything that could be done, and she doubted it would give me trouble. 2.5mm may not seem very big- but this is MY FACE. And it was there for fourteen years.

Sigh- I really needed to express this: moral of the story - wear your seatbelt (without mine I would have gone through the windshield) and don't listen to those who won't listen to you.

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