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Welcome 2011!! GTFO 2010!

2010 was a crap year for me. Things did not go as planned, and I have a huge list of complaints that I could cry about (and pretty much did this past week). but in the end, everything is in my own power to change/fix, and I will be using 2011 as a spring board to do so.

I spent last night, New Years Eve, at my parent house. Fortunately, my sister had a party so it wasn't as pitiful as it could have been. I was the "hip big sister" who brought booze and interesting stories to the party. I spoke with several of my sister friends, who have come to the house before, but who I usually avoid. I played pool with Jared, who is in the running of becoming the Emory's favorite not-child.

Today was spent is a semi-hungover state. I did work, I watched college ball, and the winter classic, and ate so so so many cookies. Good times.

Tomorrow is my Birthday (ahem hem....) and as of yet; no plans. I will be scheming something though! 26....its huge. I'm officially "Christmas Cake" and will be celebrating my 5 year college reunion. crazy crazy.

Anyway: update check.
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