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So...every time I go to a bar, I either come out way drunk. Or with the bartenders #....

W T F?!

I went to a JET networking event yesterday and ended up talking with some guys at the end of the bar. Nice people, good conversation, pretty ordinary really. But then when I cashed out the bartender said that he was bummed he wasn't able to chat me up...and gave me his number!

I might actually call him. It would be an adventure!

On to other news:

i have a phone interview tomorrow for a job in DC. Im so excited that I can't sit still...Im right now looking up the place and trying to become at least a wee bit knowledgeable. I would really really like to have a job. Any job...but this one is pretty sweet.

Downside: The kid Im tutoring....really needs a tutor. :/ Going to wait and see about the phone interview: if it goes very well, then I might have to begin looking for a replacement to tutor the kids. If it doesn't..then no worries (except that I won't have a full time job still :(

ack! so much to do!

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