Nov. 8th, 2010

Today, Twelve years ago, my sister was born on my brothers birthday. She's 12, he's now 23.
The super scary thing about them both is that, though they are 11 years apart in age, they act JUST LIKE TWINS. Kinda frightening.

And they look alike too. Creeeeepy.

Anyway. Zoe had her party on Friday night. We had 7 screaming (literally) 12 year olds running around the house. She had a blast. Though the party was ruined for me long before it started. While I was away at tutoring (my second to last class), my mother was moving gifts around and dropped one. Of course it was mine, and of course it shattered (she didn't know it then). When we, several hours later, sat down for Cake and Ice Cream we noticed that the gifts were wet. It was then that I realized my gift had broke. I had bought Zoe a Snow Globe from Minnesota, since she collects them and it was all she really wanted for her birthday. They didn't have time to get one when they were up there, so I picked up a super neat one on my way out. It had been wrapped pretty well. There were layers! Upon Layers! but it still shattered when Mom dropped it and leaked all over the other gifts and ruined my day because I was super excited that I got it for her.

We didn't tell her about it until after all her friends left, and I was correct: she was a bit crushed. Dad tried to 'fix' it all day yesterday, but really: When you smash a snow globe- not much is going to fix it.

Anyway. Apart from that (I ended up running to Walmart and getting her some cheap earrings instead). This weekend was fun.

Will came up yesterday for his birthday celebration. (we try to do them on separate days since they hated when we combined it) Dad made the best fried chicken EVER. and Will got some hilarious gifts (including a personal Trampoline!).

I stayed up to watch Walking Dead on AMC, which, if you have not seen, I don't KNOW you! It's amazing, and I made my mother watch, who is also now addicted to it :) Yay Zombie TV!

I start work on Wednesday, off on Thursday, back on Friday. It'll be interesting. There is SO MUCH to do, and I'm only working there for 3 months. Gotta get it all done. But ....I'm also really excited to be working again, and in the zone where many people will be looking for full time jobs and encouraging each other and giving info and such. I kinda miss that atmosphere. Plus, Leighann is letting me stay at her place this week since she's house sitting elsewhere, so No commute! Yay! (though I will still need to find someplace to ditch my car for a few days!)

Devin had a friend who was looking for a roommate, but I think it's more long term and would hate to move in for 3 months and then move out in february. So I turned it down (kinda of- he's still asking if Im interested) I might see if I can meet the potential roommate and see whats the deal. It kinda sounds toooo good to be true, so I'm skeptical.

Anyway: that's my life. Super boring. and Super broke!


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