Jul. 15th, 2010

Need a job, and less of a life!

I haven't been job searching in well over a month now, and I'm finally at the point where it is imperative to be employed. My savings are dwindling and i'm beginning to become easily annoyed at my 'rent house.

The only problem is that I have had obligation after obligation and it's crazy!

The past week Brenda and Dave (from JET) came down on their roadtrip to visit. We went to Gettysburg, watched the movie Gettysburg, drank local beer and played "Just Dance!" for over 3 hours. Then they were off to DC the day I went to my family reunion.

Our family reunion happens ever 5 years, because it is EPIC, and huge, and there is always some sort of DRAMA. This year about 250 people came. A lot less than last time, but it also rained the whole weekend. Some people only showed up for the picture and others only for one day. Suck.

On the bright side I got to see some cousins that I never really liked, but who I now get along with! Oh, maturity! Where were you when I was a teenager?

Also! Update on that guy, he called me again. AGAIN! I had my ringer off, but he left voicemail. This one was almost as good as the last one. This message was all "I really think we need to work this out, so we can be friends. And hang out one on one again. But I'm totally way too busy, so call me. But not this week. Next week...maybe. I'm a busy person. But we need to work this out. bye"

Bwhahaha. Yeah, I'm never going to call. Let's be honest. I'm very very very very bad at phone communication. Even with people I love and want to talk to. I never call them! I'm always worried that i'm interrupting them. Now, this guy wants me to call him to "fix" our friendship? Nope. I'm still a bitch and still angry, and really...I don't think we're friends anymore.

Other randomness: Got back from the family reunion on monday was was WIPED OUT. totally. Didn't sleep much because of the rain (our tent leaked) and because it is my family, they had a beer truck- with taps on the side- and kegs inside. And since less people were there, my cousins and I had to do our familiar duty!

Tuesday, realized that Brenda had forgotten some stuff at my place and gave her a call. Drove down and was invited to breakfast the next day. Breakfast with Senator Al Franken from Minnesota. HOW HILARIOUS IS THIS?!?

We had brekkie with him, and took pictures and then his office gave us a free tour of the Capital AND tickets into the Senate and House to watch the proceedings. HOW COOL?!?

Had a blast with Brenda and Dave! Would totally do it again.

Tomorrow I have to have 'tea' with a Russian woman from town, then drive down to Jackie's for more camping. WTF my life?

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