Jun. 11th, 2010

Now, I get easily annoyed. Fact. I tend to deal with it, and usually know when the annoyance is unreasonable. This time.....meh.. not too sure.

So like 2 weeks ago I got a friend request from facebook from an old friend from High school. Now, this person I've known since grade school, was kinda-friends in high school (meaning we didn't hang out at all outside of school, and ate lunch sometimes) and I completely lost contact after graduation.

In Pittsburgh we ran into each other randomly and hung out maybe a total of 5 times in the year I had left (my senior year). then again the no contact (good thing? bad? dunno)

So he emails me and says he's joining the air force and wants to use me as a reference. You know what? Way to go. Awesome. This guy is a total slacker and has no idea what the real world is like. The military can help him. Sure, says I.

Then he wants to hang out. Ehh.... Fun to catch up and all, but in my unemployment I am too busy for that. No really. Then he texts me and calls me and if I don't answer within 24 hours I get a "why the radio silence?" message.

Seriously? I don't check my cell every hour. In fact: while I'm at home I never use it.

I'm a bad friend, I don't call people, I email sometimes, and that's cool. My friends understand. They're busy, I'm not (really) and we contact each other whenever. I don't like the clingy "talk to me now now now" bullshit.

So now I don't know if i'm being unreasonable. Living at home has made me somewhat anti-social. No one lives that close, and if they did- there is nothing to do in gettysburg. Here I have an old friend wanting to reconnect and hang out- and i'm balking like crazy. Partly because even though I have no job, I'm still busy for my 'rents. and partly because I feel like i have nothing in common with this person anymore. I have traveled a lot, and he's never been on an airplane. I take responsibility for my lack of employment and he whines about everything that is going wrong with his life. I want to yell at him "Grow up! be a man!" but that would be sexist and ultimately useless. argh.

sorry, just really needed to complain.

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