Jun. 3rd, 2010

Hey y'all!

Still no job! Though I have finally heard back from the JET office with the "Thanks for coming, sorry but we found someone better" ....only 2 months later! crazy!

Honestly though...I haven't been looking. At all. Not even temp/part time.

Things have just sped up in terms of stuff happening all at once.

Erin is going to college in a few months and is graduating Valedictorian next week.

Lydia is leaving for Slovakia the first week of August and we're going through all the procedures to get her visa and airline ticket all set.

And the topping on all this cake is that last week my Dad failed a stress test. The test after that showed that he has a 70% blockage in the arteries in his heart. So we've had to DRASTICALLY change everything around the house. Dad can't do ANYTHING until he has an angioplasty (Monday) and he has to switch to a diet better for his heart (the south beach diet was keyed by the Dr). That means i've been doing 90% of what he used to do :bug killing, window fixing, lawn mowing, furniture moving, roof climbing....fun. While all this is happening my mom came down with the flu.


Oh, and we're having a huge family reunion in July and are supposed to help out with that. FUCK IT.

so...I've been really really mia lately. I've even stopped checking email and such. Bad friend!

Today mom was well enough that I could get some grocery shopping done and go back through paperwork. So if you've msged me or anything lately...sorry!


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