May. 25th, 2010

An Update regarding: My Life.

-Still no job

-Still no health insurance

-Got my pension refund, so there is a buffer on the bank account. Whew!

-After blowing off that guy- haven't heard from him again. Kinda relieved. Kinda feel like a bitch.

-I went to the beach for a week with Sam, Sean, Abby and their friend Cam. It was glorious! And I didn't get sunburned! I did get (no joke) 31 mosquito bites on my legs. And I got to see both Dolphins and Wild ponies. And ride a ferry. And beach bbq. and buy a load of really cheap antique costume jewelry for very very cheap. Yay Outer Banks!

-Still at home, and haven't been looking for a job in almost 3 weeks. I'm a slacker. Prepare for beach. Beach. and now Zoe is sick with something. She got me up at FIVE THIRTY this morning. Apparently she woke up at 1am....and couldn't get back to sleep. Fever and everything. Second day in a row. I'm a stay at home mom, 10 years too soon !

-I have SO MANY THINGS to send out to people, and instead I am napping, and doing laundry. yup.

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