Apr. 29th, 2010

Hey everyone!

Thanks for all the advice about the last post. I promised the guy I would call him....but I seriously haven't felt like it/ want to. So....I'm gonna be *that* bitch, and just not call. Whatever.

On Tuesday I made the call and took my puppy into the Vet to be put down. We've had cookie since Christmas of 1994. To say it was a tough decision is wrong. She was so old, and in so much pain. She could barely walk, and had trouble breathing.....but at the same time, whenever you pet her or called her name she would still wag her tail. I thought I would be a bit removed from it all since I haven't lived here really since College, but I was a mess. I couldn't believe that she was gone. The kids also took it really really hard. I can't remember being this upset when the dog we had when I was small, Molly Brown, was put down.

added to that, still no word back from ANY of the places I have applied to, and I still haven't gotten my paycheck from March.

This week can go away any time now :(

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