Apr. 23rd, 2010

So. Me. Not a big dater.

Partly due to lack of men around me in college.
Partly due to moving to a country where I don't speak the language, and all white guys hit on j-girls like whoa.

And partly due to the fact that I am selfish, and much prefer to do stuff I like, than compromise with someone.

So this guy. Yeah. Met him at an Embassy shindig and he was interesting. Asked for my number. cool.

Went out with him a few weeks ago to a pretty awesome restaurant in D.C. Easy conversation, and he genuinely is really interesting!

Also: not my type.

Went on a second date with him before Phil's visit. Awesome restaurant, easy conversation..and again: no chemistry for me. and really not my type. He's 36. .....yeah just a *weeeeee* bit too old (by like 6 years)

So he called on monday and asked for date #3. Truthfully, I know this is going no where. I'm not interested. But I like the attention, and I like the conversation. I agreed to date #3.

Only: His plan this time around is to make me dinner at his place. Which is cool....but also: wayyyyy too fast yo!

I kinda wanted to turn him down then, but conversation was flowing and I said yes.

Now, its tomorrow, and again I reallllly don't want to do it, but I also fail at telling people over the phone "sorry, but this isn't really going to work out" I much rather do it face to face, but isn't it a dick move to do it at his place? I fail at dating.

I want to tell him that it isn't going to work, but I am enough of a bleeding heart to hate to tell people bad news: I wish they could just automatically know. argh

anyway: I am complaining/ asking advice, because at what point should I tell him? Before dinner/after? or text tomorrow with a "i'm not coming" ?? Which is meaner? Going to dinner and then breaking it off, or not going at all?

What's the protocol on this?!?!

lol, see this is why I need an immature guy, who is also selfish. I hate no idea what to do with guys who are successful, mature, and know what they want. NO IDEA.


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